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Everything you need to know to get started building a profitable coaching business.


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The Life Coaches Guide To Building Your Business. Brand. & Bank.

Build Your Business, Brand, & Bank with the Life Coaches Guide

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What you'll learn

Can you say PRICELESS??? Angel, you gave content tonight that I would pay a hefty price for! The material was relevant and on point ...and I can use every single thing you taught, right now, at the space I'm in. I KNOW the information you taught tonight will help grow my business! Thanks Angel, you are truly a blessing. -Trena Jones, Aloma Life Coaching, LLC

This was a GREAT class.  I learned SO much. Here are my three: 1) Get going with producing audio products. 2) Don't undersell myself (because all I'm doing is transferring my knowledge and expertise from one field to another). 3) Tighten up my sales copy! OMG, this was AMAZING! Thanks again, Angel. You Rock! - Cocoa Matthews

1.This class validated what coaching is all about - I was curious about the whole coaching career- 2. digital marketing and creating products around what you already know to help transform the lives of others . 3 The power of video . After party authentic - sincere Thanks for having me! -Facebook Member

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