How to Create, Market, Package, and Sell Digital Products

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How to Host Conference Calls

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Good afternoon all! I am super excited about a new purchase, I just made (well 30 mins ago). As I move into selling digital products, I realized I needed a little help. So I downloaded Angels workbook and audio file: How to create, market, package and sell digital products. I also downloaded the Goals journal. If you don't have these items, I want to encourage you to get them!

Thank you Angel Richardson for shouting me out for creating my first digital product! Can I tell you ladies how proud I am of myself. I have come a looong way and to have my own life coaching business and to have created my first digital product was just a dream of mine. For it to be my reality now is a testament to God for always having my back in times of doubt and struggle. I've always known I was meant to help people. I was unclear as to the how until I discovered life coaching.

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